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Eastern Endoscopy Centre and Gastro Services & Facilities

Dear Doctors and Patients,

As a result of an advisory from the Gastroenterological Society of Australia regarding appropriate provision of gastroenterology services to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, our practice has instituted significant restrictions. Endoscopic procedures have been shown to significantly increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission due to aerolisation and body fluid splashes. Regretfully, the Eastern Endoscopy Centre will be closed from the 28th of March until further notice. Elective procedures performed by our doctors will also be suspended at Sunnybank Private Hospital and Mater Private Hospital after this date.

We will continue to offer consultative services to patients at this time. Consultations will be able to be performed directly (face to face) and via telehealth (where patients meet Medicare criteria under the new COVID-19 Medicare item numbers). We will continue to see both initial consultations as well as follow-up reviews. We would ask all referrers to directly contact the appropriate gastroenterologist to discuss urgent referrals. This will enable the best planning of management of patients.

We will continue to offer endoscopic services for urgent procedures at the Mater Private Hospital if it is deemed clinically appropriate. We cannot offer endoscopic procedures to patients who are COVID-19 positive or whom have a high or intermediate risk of positivity (these procedures necessarily must be performed in the public hospital setting where appropriate PPE is available). Patients at intermediate or high risk of COVD-19 and acute gastrointestinal or hepatology issues requiring review or procedures should be referred directly to a tertiary public hospital.

All patients with existing procedure bookings will be contacted when we receive advice that elective procedures can resume. We have suspended sending recall reminders to patients at present and these will resume when normal services are returned.

We remain committed to providing the same high quality of care as always and will work to navigate this crisis safely in the best interests of both our patients and you our colleagues. As always, we are available to discuss individual patient management issues and please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Dr John Gibbons Mob 0419708720

Dr Kate Cayzer Mob 0438310422

Dr Jillian Rosenstengel Mob 0438001044

Dr Nick Tutticci Mob 0412530925

Dr Gail Bogiatzis (Practice Manager) Mob 0408060811

Classification of patients into risk groups prior to endoscopy

Low Risk

  • No symptoms (eg, cough, fever, breathlessness, diarrhea)
  • No contact with someone SARS-CoV-2 positive
  • Return from high-risk area during the previous 14 days

Intermediate Risk

  • Presence of symptoms with: No history of contact with someone SARS-CoV-2 positive or Not visiting high risk area during the previous 14 days
  • No symptoms but - Contact with someone SARS-CoV-2 positive or Return from high risk area during the previous 14 days

High Risk

  • At least one symptom + one of the following: - Contact with someone SARS-CoV-2 positive or Return from high risk area during the previous 14 days

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